Sonic Drive-In

Seasonal Packaging

Commissioned by Sonic and their agency of record, Sullivan Higdon & Sink we were tasked with bringing to life their summer packaging campaign. With over 3,500 Sonic Drive-In’s in the United States, our visual campaign was applied to various packaging applications, including 5 cup sizes, 2 to-go bags, employee uniforms and various digital assets. We used their cups and bags as a canvas to create an artistic take on the joyous season of summer.

How can you visually translate the feeling of summer to a food and drink packaging campaign? This was our challenge when we were asked to collaborate with one of America’s leading fast food and drink providers.

“I’ve seriously stopped strangers to look at their cups. Best thing Sonic did since making Route 44 Ocean waters.”
@JenniferPerkins, via Twitter
“Growing up in the Midwest means you probably spent a lot of summer nights at your local Sonic Drive-In. We were no exception to that.”
Tad Carpenter

It was an honor to be asked to develop Sonic’s summer packaging campaign. We wanted to extend the magic you felt from the treats on the inside of your cup and bag to our design on the outside. Our goal was to showcase summers’ bright, fun memorable experiences.