Boehme’s Batch

Toffee Packaging

Boehme’s Batch branding and toffee packaging was created for Grandpa Bill. Bill, a small town, life-long Kansan, cooks just like the modest state he’s from. For decades he’s been making his renowned toffee recipe for family and friends. His eccentric personality can be seen in his recipe which calls to “stir them ingredients until it’s the color of a squirrel’s eye in heat”. Bill’s toffee is hand-crafted, flavorful and a bit nutty—just like Bill.

“The key to my toffee is to stir it till it turns the color of a squirrel’s eye in heat.”
Bill Boehme, Boehme’s Batch chef
“I grew up eating my grandfather, Bill’s toffee every holiday season. I’m glad so many more people now get to enjoy it.”
Tad Carpenter, grandson of Bill Boehme

The Boehme’s Batch logo system was an easy one to figure out. Chef Bill is proud, cheerful and a little nutty. He been perfecting this recipe for nearly 40 years. Naturally, we knew Bill needed to be the company’s hero.