Dotte Mobile Grocer

Brand Identity

Dotte Mobile Grocer is a community-run mobile market designed to bring fresh groceries to food deserts areas in Kansas City, Kansas. We were tasked to create a brand identity and visual language that excited and welcomed the Wyandotte County community to come together. The Dotte truck design includes Easter eggs with places unique to KCK and representations of the community interacting with the food playfully. The brand not only is seen on the exterior of the truck, but extends to the interior, on products, shelving labels, refrigerator inventory, shopping baskets, employee apparel and more.

When building this brand system we wanted to capture the creative and diverse spirit of the KCK neighborhood the truck was servicing. Our logo system and illustrative brand elements were designed to be as adaptive as possible knowing the Dotte team will be constantly updating announcements, promotions and menus on a wide variety of communication platforms.

The man above, sitting atop a strawberry is nod to the Strawberry Hill neighborhood in KCK.

We wanted to encourage healthy eating habits, so we illustrated people interacting with leafy greens and fresh fruits within the brand elements. This truck caters to a multilingual community. On the doors of the truck, we incorporated Spanish translations so customers would know what is stored behind each door. In addition to Spanish and English language being used, we also recognized several other languages are present within this community. Because of this, our easily updatable daily menus also uses simple iconography allowing all visitors to easily understand what food is being provided that day.


Sharice Davids, a member of the U.S. House, representing Kansas' 3rd Congressional District volunteered to help distribute food in Wyandotte Country using the Dotte Mobile Market.
“Transportation (in Wyandotte County) is a problem. You can not get on the ATA bus with sacks of groceries, that is hard for them. When we bring "Dottie" to the community it is easy to obtain healthy, nourishing food for their families.”
Lynnette Booker, Dotte Mobile Grocer Community Council Member

We designed a chalkboard to set outside the truck when it is parked for shopping. This allows customers to see sales and hours the truck is available.