Transforming Spaces

Developing unique brand experiences is something we strive to do in all our work. One way we continue to create unique, engaging experiences is by finding opportunities to create custom murals and installations. Showcased below is a selection of various hand-painted murals for clients who range from co-working spaces, restaurants, breweries and Major League Baseball teams.

Plexpod Murals hand-painted by Kerry Stucky and her artistic team


Coworking Space

KC’s Westport Middle School has been transformed into Plexpod’s newest coworking space utilizing, the original classrooms, lockers and hallways. Plexpod wanted to reinforce the energy and collaborative nature of the space with several custom murals. We created a large mural inspired by human connection covering a 100 foot wall in the entry annex. Additional murals were created throughout the space over functioning lockers and a smaller feature wall.

Hand-painted mural in the annex of Plexpod co-working space

Detail of Plexpod hand-painted locker mural. Inspired by Kansas/Kansas City heroes
“Our locker mural at Plexpod honors three influential midwesterners who spent time here in the Kansas City area; Walt Disney, Amelia Earhart and Earnest Hemingway.”
Carpenter Collective
Kansas City heroes mural at Plexpod in Kansas City, MO

SUNday Sun No. 036 by Tad Carpenter made in to a mural at Plexpod in Kansas City, MO

Carpenter Collective

Office Mural

After moving into a new office in early 2017, we wanted to create a hand-painted mural to enliven our space. This mural is an extension of our own Carpenter Collective brand identity.

Hand-painted by Dennis Baughman, owner of Midtown Signs with help from Jessica and Tad Carpenter

Five Point Mural

Cincinnati, Ohio

As part of the revitalization of the Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati, we were commissioned by studio BLDG to create one of five murals to promote it’s growth. The only directions we were given was the size of the wall size and to incorporate the No. 4 in our composition. With the wall being painted during the peak of baseball season, we naturally were inspired by the Cincinnati Reds.

Walnut Hills Mural in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Raised Royal

Kansas City Royals

It is no surprise that as Kansas Citians, the Royals are pretty high on our list of potential clients. It was a dream come true when they asked us to be part of their “Raised Royal” mural campaign where they selected six different artist to install murals throughout the city. We created a nearly 90 foot hand-painted mural that showcases the campaign slogan and features a modern interpretation of an early Royals mascot, Mr. Royal.

Stop Action video by Sheppa. Music by Jordyn Edmonds.

“The Kansas City Royals wanted a mural that injected our city with pride, energy and a reminder of how lucky we are to be Raised Royal.”
Carpenter Collective

Stop Action video by Sheppa. Music by Jordyn Edmonds.

Raised Royal mural in Westport, Kansas City, MO. Special thanks to Midtown Signs for all their help on making this mural.

Boulevard Brewing Co.

Tours & Recreation

We developed two murals in the new Tours and Recreation building at Boulevard Brewing Co. as part of the Boulevard Experience project. The first mural, “Here for the Beer” is hand-painted within the Boulevard experience, the second, “We are family” mural, greets guests in the new tasting room following a tour.