Yeah Burger

Restaurant Brand Identity

We were tasked to create a brand identity experience for this new fast casual burger concept. The owners prided themselves on sourcing local, healthy and organic ingredients served up with inventive combinations that offer a chef-driven approach to the American burger. These gourmet burger creations may seem high-end, but Yeah! Burger wanted to be a family-friendly, approachable, fun brand experience.

“YEAH! BURGER is meant to convey a restaurant that guests can be excited about. Carpenter Collective’s fun, original designs helped us bring our brand vision to life.”
Erik Maier, Co-Founder
“Went to a place tonight based almost solely on their logo+design—Yeah! Burger in the ATL.”
@amberlehman, via Twitter

Keeping the brand lighthearted and fun was the goal from the start. The playful nature of the identity provided a perfect platform to educate and inform customers about their food and where it came from without sounding preachy or forceful. Yeah! Burger has now become a destination restaurant in Atlanta with multiple locations in West Midtown and Virginia-Highland. Yeah! Burger’s next plan is to begin opening locations across the country.