Noble Coffee Roasting

Rebrand & Packaging

Noble Coffee Roasting, established in 2007 in Ashland, Oregon, came to us looking for a brand refresh that elevated and expanded their brand to match their growth and quality. We were inspired by their pride and love of their hometown, Ashland, Oregon and the active culture that is embraced there. A significant component of Noble that was necessary to expand upon in this rebrand, was their dedication to resourcing the highest quality coffee beans and the sustainability of their practices.

“Carpenter Collective really listened to us in order to understand our company values and culture. Seeing how that care was translated into the soulful rebrand has truly been one of the highlights of our journey at Noble Coffee Roasting.”
Jared Rennie, Founder of Noble Coffee Roasting

We approached the rebrand with the idea that this is a product that people would take with them wherever they go. It inspired us to personify the lion and create a character that joins the consumer on their many journeys. We helped to transform the brand from a stoic—masculine experience, to a friendly, whimsical yet elevated brand. We also wanted to illustrate and reflect the environment that Noble originates in the updated brand. This new brand system was inspired by Noble’s home, Ashland, Oregon. You can see landmarks, state bird and highlights of the city in our patterning and iconography. Noble’s icon, the lion, is integrated within the landscapes.

We also wanted to acknowledge the locations where Noble gathers their highest quality beans. Since the region often dictates flavor notes and characteristics of the coffee, an iconography system was developed to highlight the region and categorize the roasts. The iconography system is featured on the labeling system we created that they update in-house and print on demand.

Noble Tonic

Packaging & Identity

This rebrand extended to their new offering, Noble Tonic—a naturally caffeinated drink made out of the fruit of the coffee plant. This line has allowed Noble to offer additional income for the fruit that is traditionally composted. While the tonic is a part of the overall Noble brand, its effervescent and unique taste qualities really separate itself from their more traditional coffee offerings. The Noble Tonic line has really taking on a sub-brand extension of the Noble identity system.

The bold lion icon takes a backseat on the tonic can, as the lion and human duo become front and center biking—one of the many outdoor activities enjoyed by Ashland residents and beyond. The lion mascot personified creates a partnership with the consumer on their many journeys. This packaging system has a more playful and crisp energy to reflect the lightness of the unique beverage.