Macy’s Holiday Events

Promotional Series

Macy’s is synonymous with the Holidays as an average of 50 million people tune in to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In addition to the parade, Macy’s delivers a series of Holiday programs across the country to celebrate the season. We worked with Macy’s to develop a promotional campaign with strong illustrations and custom typography that conveys the magic of the season.

“We believe that illustration can be a powerful tool for communicating strong ideas, connecting emotionally with users, and creating an experience that feels truly unique. Our collaboration with Carpenter Collective has proven to do just that.”
 Gregory Dibisceglie, Macy’s Senior Creative Manager

The customized typography was a key focal point when developing the visual language for Macy’s. Combined with the playful illustrations, this campaigns’ goal was to create a sense of wonder, whimsey and excitement around the holiday season.