Boulevard Rec Deck


Boulevard Brewing Co. has expanded their visitors’ experience with the new, top floor shuffleboard bar, The Rec Deck. We created the brand identity system complete with a kinetic logo system, brand patterns, brand mascot, customized typography and numerics. Applications include everything from hand-painted wall murals, food packaging, various food and drink menus, order numbers, apparel, wayfinding, bar accessories and custom shuffleboard courts.

“With so many diverse applications within the project scope, we needed to develop a logo system that allowed optimal flexibility. That’s when the singular logo evolved into a series of logos allowing our client the flexibility they desired.”
Carpenter Collective
Neon sign fabrication and installation by Bright Ideas Signs

One of the early requests from Boulevard was to develop a powerful entry moment as visitors arrive at the 4th floor, Rec Deck. We designed a large, retro-inspired neon sign, that greets guests as they enter the bar. It has created an opportunity and location to celebrate as a team. The neon sign has become the place to document a victory and share a celebration on various social platforms. The sign is iconic and reinforce all visitors that yes, you have arrived at Boulevard’s new Rec Deck—the ultimate shuffleboard beer bar.

The wood throughout the bar is repurposed from an old basketball court. The check in desk showcases our mascot seal logo—hand-painted on the wood, greeting all potential players.
Signage fabrication and installation by Midtown Signs
“We wanted the Rec Deck identity to feel like a throwback to vintage bowling alleys and classic sports clubs.”
Amber Ayres, Boulevard Brewing Co.

Shuffleboard installation by Midtown Signs

Many things make the Rec Deck unique but at its core, it’s the shuffleboard courts. A huge part of this project was getting the opportunity to design these 5 working shuffleboard courts. We consulted with shuffleboard masters, shuffleboard court installers to make sure we fully understood the rules and regulations of the court and its design. Our court design is simple and done so for a reason. You never want to court to take away from the game. Large numerics, inspired by vintage athletics line bottom of the courts. On the opposite end, the 4 courts spell out, B-L-V-D and the last court showcases our lucky, trophy-beer icon.

The numerics were inspired by vintage 1950's athletic numerics.
“We raved about the beer, flatbread and full-sized shuffleboard courts. This left us all wondering—what more could you want?!”
YelpKC, via Instagram
This project also included a new wayfinding system within the Tours + Rec building.